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// Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Kym - I am a child and family photographer currently based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

about me + my Journey

// I am a wife to the most amazing man on the planet, who loves me unconditionally and encourages me every day to follow my dreams. We are parents to a precocious little furbaby, Frankie, a 6.5 year old German Shepherd/Corgi mix who has the most human-like personality of any dog I've ever met. She has no idea she's a dog. We just added a fourth member to our forever family; A sweet and cuddly puppy named, Penelope.

// I have lived all over the world - planting roots in over four countries and seven states (and counting). I prefer a good conversation over doing the dishes and spontaneity over a plan. I am almost always barefoot. I thrive on adventure and exploring new places. I like to surround myself with pretty things and people who make me happy. I am a lover of rose gold, coffee with creamer, sleeping with the windows open, that perfect season between summer and fall, audiobooks, family game nights, wildflowers growing on the side of the road, historical homes, art museums, vibrant sunsets and of course, all things photography!

// My love for photography began many, many moons ago when I was first introduced to my grandmother's black and white photo albums. I remember turning each page with such awe and admiration, as I studied every face, creating elaborate stories in my mind about the lives of the people posed before me. With each distressed page, a new story was told, speaking directly to my heart song. These people were apart of my history; apart of my tribe. I saw myself in their embraces, their laughter and adventurous spirits. I was transformed. And so, I wanted to know more - more about my family and more about this beautiful art that captured such special moments in time.  At the age of six I was gifted my first film camera -  a little black Kodak Star 110. That was the start of an amazing journey of self discovery, where I found my life's calling  - photographing people.

// Follow my life's adventure @kym.will

My style

// My style is timeless. Not traditional and not trendy. It's portrait photography for fun, modern, and stylish families who aren't afraid to show genuine emotions in photos. I won't make you do cliche or uncomfortable poses, nor will I move every hair to perfection before taking the photo. I also don't follow trends that will make your photos look dated in ten years. I believe that photography is about preserving those little moments, that hold authentic connection, and bringing out the beauty in things that go unnoticed by most.

// I don't take pictures, I capture experiences. I'm inspired by gorgeous landscapes, natural light, color and textures and those beautiful, fleeting moments of life. I am an artist and a storyteller. I would love to capture the essence of your family. The candid, organic, in-between moments that show an uncensored, real and authentic life. Capturing great images for you, that tell your family story.

// If you're looking for a photographer who is different from the rest, who will help you create beautiful, authentic, vibrant portraits of you and your littles, then you've come to the right place!