The Experience

Frequently asked Q&A's + What to expect before, during and after your session with kaptured studios


Before the Session

First things first

// Reflect. Ask yourself what your hopes and dreams are for your session. What is it about your littles and your tribe that you want to remember twenty years from now and HOW do you want to preserve your legacy?

// Your next step is to shoot me a message! Once we start chatting (whether that's face-to- face, over text, email or through a phone call) we will discuss your vision and set a date for your session. From there, we will work together to choose a unique location and create a cohesive wardrobe to achieve your vision and showcase your family's personality. Once a date is selected, you will be asked to fill out a client questionnaire and a model release/session agreement. You will then have 5-days to pay the retainer fee, which is 50% of your total amount due, to hold your session's date and time.

// Your Family or Maternity Session - So your session has been booked. Now what? Well, the most fun, yet terrifying part of the whole planning process - deciding on what in the world everyone is going to wear? A lot of people become seriously overwhelmed when trying to plan and coordinate outfits. There are so many choices, colors, styles, and patterns! Shortly after your retainer is paid, you will receive a unique link to access your Style Questionnaire. This is a free resource to you to help in the wardrobe selection process. Let HoneyTree Style & Select become your personal stylist and shopper. Sit back and relax (maybe even sip on some wine) while they do the work.  You can purchase new outfits, rent online, borrow from a friend or peruse the very closets in your home to find the PERFECT outfits for each person of your tribe.

// Your Littles Session - Are we documenting a milestone birthday or celebrating a little life, just because? Whatever the motive is behind your session, one thing is for certain, it will most likely involve props or a theme of some sort. It's simple. Kids like to be entertained and the most organic emotions and facial expressions come from action; when littles are relaxed and in their element. So I highly recommend incorporating a theme. If you need some inspiration, let me know and we can do some collective brainstorming, taking into consideration your child's age, personality, likes/dislikes, quirks and obsessions. There are two types of sessions when it comes to your littles - the Lifestyle Littles Session or Themed Littles Session.  Both equally fun to plan and orchestrate. Either way, your kiddo(s) will have a blast.


During The Session

Let your story unfold

// Expect to have fun, be silly, giggle, twirl around, hold hands and have a tickle war. Be ready to just be yourselves and let you your littles' personalities shine through. Don't worry about wind blown hair, shyness, runny noses or untied shoelaces. Embrace the beautiful chaos and just go with the flow. Live in the in-between moments. Soak up every minute of this experience. Allow yourself to laugh, connect and be present. Like I mentioned in the "My Style" section, I will do minimal posing. I will gently prompt you and your tribe to elicit genuine emotion and interaction. I may ask questions that will prompt answers or actions. We may dance, sing along to a great song, jump around, scream, tell secrets or jokes - the goal is to capture your family's genuine personality. No one will be to told to sit and say cheese. Sometimes I will unashamedly rattle off the best dad jokes I know, make weird noises with my mouth or bring out the infamous fart machine; whatever it takes to make the kiddos forget they're in front of a camera and feel more comfortable.

// Disclaimer. Sometimes things don't fall perfectly into place. Now, 9 times out of 10 times that means your session is going to be PURE MAGIC. Trust me. Those unplanned in-between moments lead to some of the most raw, authentic connections and downright breathtaking images - they're the moments worth remembering. However, there is always a small chance that your little will not want any part of the session, no matter what we try. There may be uncontrollable tears, an end-of-the-world meltdown or just pure exhaustion, so in these cases sometimes the best thing to do is postpone to another day. Repeat after me, "It is OKAY." Kids will be kids. This is not a reflection of your parenting. I do not expect perfection, and neither should you! I have worked with enough kiddos to know first hand that sometimes changing the plan to accommodate an emotional babe is the best option in that scenario, for your little's sake and also for mom and dad's sanity. So it's okay to take a step back, breathe and go with plan b (or c, or d, or e....or even plan f). No judgment and no stress. Got it? Good.

// The remaining balance of the Creative Fee will be due the day of your session. I will not begin the editing process until your balance is paid.


after the session

Your Gallery Reveal

// "Sneak peek" images are typically shared within 24 hours of your session. These will have my logo on them and will be resized for perfect Social Media sharing.

// Your completed gallery will be ready to view within 7-12 days of your session. After I send the notification email with your password protected gallery and login information, I typically followup with a call or text (because I'm often too excited to wait!!!). Your gallery will remain active for 90 days. Within that time frame, you will have the option to download your entire gallery or individual images. An assortment of gift prints, canvases and other products are available for additional purchase.


frequently asked questions


Q: What do you get with an all inclusive photography session?

A. With an all inclusive photography session you are paying one price. That one price includes the session, the hand editing of each image, and the hi resolution digital files. I never want you to have to choose your favorite images and I never want to restrict the images I edit and place in your gallery. My style of photography results in a collection of images that speak to your family's unique beauty and connection.

Q: Do you still photograph engagements or weddings?

A: Yes, on a case by case basis. Shoot me a message and let me know what you have in mind!

Q: What about boudoir or modern glam sessions?

A. Heck yeah I do!!! Check out The Her Collections here!

Q: Do you offer mini sessions?

A: Yep, sure do! And they're awesome!!! These events book quickly, so I suggest booking in advance or getting your name on our mailing list to receive special mini session announcements before the masses. Scroll down down to the bottom of the page to signup. More information about the Mini Session Collection can be found here.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: I offer a 10% discount for all military, active duty and retired, and for first responders; ie. police, firefighters, EMS and nurses.

Q: How long do I have to pay the retainer and remaining balance?

A: You have 5 days to pay your retainer to hold your session time and date. The remaining balance is due the day of your session.

Q: Can I include my pet in my session?

A: Ummmm. Yes please. Just be aware that I WILL obsessively ooh and ahh over your furkid. #sorrynotsorry

Q: What types of products do most clients purchase?

A: Albums are very popular! They are the perfect way to get all your favorite images in one place and can be passed down as a family heirloom. Other favorites include canvases and wall + gift prints.

Q: Can you describe your style?

A: My style is timeless. Not traditional and not trendy. It's portrait photography for fun, modern, and stylish families who aren't afraid to show genuine emotions in photos. I won't make you do cliche or uncomfortable poses, nor will I move every hair to perfection before taking the photo. I also don't follow trends that will make your photos look dated in ten years. I believe that photography is about preserving those little moments, that hold authentic connection, and bringing out the beauty in things that go unnoticed by most.

// I don't take pictures, I capture experiences. I'm inspired by gorgeous landscapes, natural light, color and textures and those beautiful, fleeting moments of life. I am an artist and a storyteller. I would love to capture the essence of your family. The candid, organic, in-between moments that show an uncensored, real and authentic life. Capturing great images for you that tell your family story. Learn more here.

Q: Will you edit the images from our session?

A: Yes. All images are edited for print, which includes color correction, lighting adjustments, cropping and straightening. Portraits will be retouched if necessary. Meaning, I will remove or minimize blemishes while not altering permanent features. If you have a special request, please make sure to discuss it with me prior to your session. I will never deliver RAW images to clients.

Q: Do I have to use the Style Questionnaire for my session?

A: Not at all! You may already have specific outfits planned out, or perhaps you're just one of those people who is ridiculously good at fashion - either way, this is a free service to you, so take it or leave it.

Q: How long will our session be?

A: Every session is tailored to uniquely fit each family - so your session may need more or less time than the average. And that is perfectly okay! Remember, your session is all about being connected and present, so try not to schedule too much before or after your session to avoid subconsciously rushing. // On average, Family Sessions can last anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour. For most families with littles under the age of seven, your session will be around forty-five minutes. Kids just don't like having a camera in their business for too long. Even the most well-behaved littles have a hard time hanging in there for an entire hour. Attention spans start to dwindle and the meltdown countdown begins. (insert shrugging emoji) That's just life. Now, for families with older children or families with multiple kiddos, your session will last approximately an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. // The average Littles Session is 30-45 minutes.

// If you're worried about time, I recommend letting go and letting me direct! I am, like, really good with kids. I'm like THE best. (Haha I really hope you said that in Donald Trump's voice.) But really though, sit back and let me do what I do best.

Q: What happens if we get bad weather?

A: Wyoming weather can be curious to say the least. You never really know what you're going to get until you're right smack dab in the middle of it. So with this in mind, I reserve the right to reschedule any session if I feel like the weather may cause harm or jeopardize our safety in any way. Sometimes the weather is surprising in a wonderful way, creating opportunities for amazing memories to be made - like an unexpected snowfall or an 80 degree day in January. It's all about the adventure and embracing imperfection. Even our infamous Wyoming winds can be used to work in our favor. No matter what, I will always be open and honest with you, and will discuss all possibilities and options.

Q: What if I want the boring, ho-hum posing and not so much this "experience" you speak of?

A: Then I'm probably not the photographer for you. And that's okay! It will not hurt my feelings one bit, so don't be afraid to be honest with yourself and with me. If my style is not what you're looking for, I will gladly recommend a handful of amazing photographers in our area that may be better fit for you.

Q: Where can I see samples of your work?

A: Here and here and here, here, here and here..



If you have a question that isn't listed above please contact me!